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"Respoke upcycles Iconic silk scarves into footwear, ready-to-wear, masks and accessories to give them new life and purpose, while minimizing waste. We use natural fibers and materials that are environmentally friendly. We do not use leather in our production. Respoke espadrilles, sneakers and masks are entirely hand-crafted in La Rioja, Spain. Our Spanish craftspeople earn a fair wage in family owned workshops, passing along their knowledge for future generations".

Unaji & Co
Unaji &Co. is an art and design company co-founded by brothers Emmanuel and Lemuel Unaji, their work dynamically fuses Sustainable Fashion, Advertising and Fine Art.Unaji & Co’s intergenerational practice, is a visionary multimedia operation focusing on enhancing skills and progressive mindsets. Their creative business approach specialises in creatively directing thought provoking content, captivating productions and illustrative pieces.Piece by piece they continue to establish an innovative Ecosystem of sustainable creativity and collaboration.

MM Milano
Chief Designer of MM Milano is known for her beautiful vibrant dresses made from sustainable natural fabrics and recycled materials. Further, inclusion, diversity and social responsibility are among their key values, called #sleeplesspeople, which consists of young talents like models, dancers and singers travelling with them around the world.

Mariah Esa
Mariah Esa is helping to solve a waste issue with her vibrant upcycling-focused designs. She wants customers to understand that wardrobes can be recycled.