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Middle East Fashion Council

Building a community that fosters and promotes sustainable fashion. Come, join us.
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sustainability' should not be a trend, neither should ‘inclusivity’.

The Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC), A key value of the council is sustainability, which has established itself as the first fashion council with such a focus. Founded as a direct result of the industry we love, our platform was inspired to tackle climate change and pollution. Our mission is to produce and govern in a way that is honest and ethical, and to always act in accordance with our code of ethics and morals. In other words, we need to speak out against anything that exploits, uses, and abuses our planet’s natural resources. We aren’t afraid to admit that the fashion industry plays a significant role in the destruction of the world. The most important thing is that we intend to do something about it. 

Support & Education

Our mission as a Council is to drive the industry towards a more sustainable 360° approach. We therefore endeavour to Educate, Encourage, and Empower. Working in tandem with international fashion schools, our focus is to integrate environmentally responsible and financially viable practices into the complete supply chain lifecycle – from product design and development, to material selection, manufacturing, packaging, etc. 

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Middle East Fashion Council Foundation

We are a fashion collective with a promise to promote diversity, creativity, and responsibility. Our vision is to accelerate the global transition to carbon neutrality and sustainability, to care for the earth as one, and to highlight the negative impacts the fashion industry has on our climate. We believe that fashion is the outermost layer of the human spirit, and the Middle East Fashion Week exemplifies the innate drive we all have to express ourselves and celebrate the many gradients of individuality. We are internationally recognized and locally lauded at the pulse of Dubai Fashion events.

Connecting Local & Global Designers

The Middle East Fashion Council’s primary mission is to connect local designers with the global market by supporting them as they grow their brand, and introducing them to the right market, at the right time. We are committed to empowering fashion designers through “hands-on” collaboration, and to strengthen their confidence and resolve as they set the stage for the future of fashion.


We now call upon all power houses to support our cause

Stay Tuned. Stay Green.

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