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Middle East Fashion Council Support and Fund Beneficiaries

Our mission is to accelerate the global transition to carbon neutrality and sustainability, to care for the earth as one, and to highlight the negative impacts the fashion industry has on our climate.

1. Empowerment Through Education

We are committed to …

Funding schools, classes, research projects, and educational programs with a focus on sustainability in fashion. In order to make the fashion industry more sustainable, we're taking a pledge to Educate, Encourage, and Empower. Working in tandem with international fashion schools, our focus is to integrate environmentally responsible and financially viable practices into the complete supply chain lifecycle – from product design and development, to material selection, manufacturing, packaging, etc.

2. MEFC Scholarship Fund

We are committed to …

Creating scholarship opportunities for students with a passion for sustainability in fashion and support them in bringing their ideas to fruition. We understand that knowledge is power, and that positive change increases a thousandfold when we are equipped with the skills for success. After their collegiate obligations have been met, we will offer the graduate available opportunities (in their field of study) within the MEFC.

3. Supporting Regional Designers

We are committed to …

Guiding up-and-coming designers, and encouraging established professionals to create a sustainable collections with the hope they will eventually become a carbon-neutral fashion brand. One of our main focuses is to connect local designers to the global market by supporting them as they grow their brand – introducing them to the right market, at the right time. We are committed to empowering fashion designers through "hands-on" collaboration, and to strengthen their confidence and resolve as they set the stage for the future of fashion.

4. Manufacturing Transparency

We are committed to …

Supporting sustainable manufacturers with an emphasis on traceability. From history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials, human rights, labour (including health and safety), the environment, and anti-corruption – we are dedicated to ensuring the reliability of the fashion world’s sustainability claims. We encourage commercial relationships that build and improve rural and urban economies in less privileged areas and regions.

5. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We are committed to …

Prioritizing organizations in the Middle East that promote “zero waste policies” and carbon-neutral, carbon-free, and carbon-negative programs. Although we aim to produce a fully sustainable fashion council and fashion week, a conscious effort will be made to offset any carbon emissions our projects and events may cause (like air travel, etc). Funding research projects with a focus on preservation of the environment, conservation of natural resources, and carbon emission reduction are at the top of our list.

6. Supporting Humanitarian Charities & Initiatives

We are committed to …

Partnering and working with charities with an authentic humanitarian mission. As proponents of ‘Ethical Fashion,' our desire to positively promote fashion ethical production and manufacturing means supporting charities that actively advocate against poor working conditions, exploitation of innocents, unfair trade, wasteful production, and welfare. We are champions for civil, social, and ethical justice in the Middle East.

7. Partnerships for the Cause

We are committed to …

Supporting and contributing to events that positively promote sustainability in fashion, as well as initiatives that the industry intersects with.

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