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our vision

Our vision is to be the primary voice for fashion sustainability and the penultimate council for manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and consumers to access invaluable information on ethical fabrics, materials, manufacturing practices, and the platforms that drive them.
Simon Lo Gatto

Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC)

The World's First Truly Sustainable Fashion Council

The Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to enhance potential talent and offer support.

The MEFC is a champion and advocate for the Middle East’s fashion designers and provides opportunities for them to express themselves and pursue their passion for fashion.

Our fundraising is fueled and powered by key players in the fashion, luxury, hospitality, lifestyle, tech, media, government, and sustainability spaces. The contributions help us produce our events, and drive charitable initiatives for local fashion schools (interns), arts academies, and budding designer support.

With support from the British, French, Italian and American fashion councils, our dream is to showcase the many gifts, talents, and creativity the Middle East has to offer the world.

The MEFC is committed to supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and places a significant focus on improving the fashion’s industry’s issues in manufacturing and supply chain.

Our partnership with Diamond Developers and The Sustainable City has gifted us with the capacity to hold the world’s first carbon-neutral fashion extravaganza in Fall 2021 (SDG 11).

Everything will be sustainable – even the electricity we harvest from the city’s solar panels, the water we drink from the city’s natural springs, and the vegetables (we eat) growing in the aquaponic greenhouse domes.

We know what we’re attempting to do is quite ambitious, but we dare not waste this magical opportunity to transcend national barriers and create momentum for a healthier planet and sustainable future.

Our Promise

Diversity & Inclusion

From new concepts, we seek to increase commercial and sustainable value, fostering the growth and development of our Middle East fashion industry that is innovative, creative and design-led. We are a community supporting the differences among people of various countries, background, religions, cultures to work together and most importantly reflect countries’ diversity.

Simon J Lo Gatto
Simon Lo Gatto

Our Vision

Innovation & Empowerment

'To accelerate the fashion industry transition to carbon neutrality & sustainability to care for the earth as one.' We will be creating investment fund programs to support and encourage our fashion students and local designers in order to make the Middle Eastern fashion industry sustainable in all fields and position it internationally. Our mission is to represent designers in the Middle East to the outside world to fill the gap between national and international designers.

Our Strategy

We will be working on promoting the Middle East fashion industry as a part of our strategy, we accomplish this by working on national networks and conferences as well as international ones as this will be our main focus. Collaborations within the fashion fields will be launched, the creativity and sustainability of our projects will be encouraged. This will be achieved by providing support for fashion talents through our investment fund program. We will be searching for new fashion brands that are out there, but are concealed due to the lack of funding and support. To define their vision and develop their brands in the global market, our council will be providing the brands with business advices and an access to the national and international network fashion platforms.

Simon Rubel Lo Gatto