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our vision

"We are a movement that seeks to address the pressing issues of climate change. Our mission is to lead and drive the conversation from the region."

Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC)

Driving Sustainability From and For The Region

The Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to enhance potential talent and offer support.

The MEFC is a champion and advocate for the Middle East’s fashion designers and provides opportunities for them to express themselves and pursue their passion for fashion.

Our fundraising is fueled and powered by key players in the fashion, luxury, hospitality, lifestyle, tech, media, government, and sustainability spaces. The contributions help us produce our events, and drive charitable initiatives for local fashion schools (interns), arts academies, and budding designer support.

With support from the British, French, Italian and American fashion councils, our dream is to showcase the many gifts, talents, and creativity the Middle East has to offer the world.

The MEFC is committed to supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and places a significant focus on improving the fashion’s industry’s issues in manufacturing and supply chain.

In line with this objective to be the platform of reference, and drive change across the MENA
and Indian Sub-continent the MEFC endeavors to build a real ecosystem uniting all actors in
the fashion value chain.

The MEFC partnerships are first and foremost about purpose. The partnership with The Sustainable City, UAE home-grown and global leaders in sustainable housing and development, is key to the MEFC, as is the partnership with Dubai Global Connect, an Invest Corp Dubai venture. In a highly disruptive and unconventional approach, these partnerships signal a new era for the region, opening a wider, more inclusive dialogue beyond the confines of the fashion industry.


Integrity & Transparency

"Our platform was born from an inspiration to tackle climate change and pollution brought on as a direct result of the industry we love. We produce and govern under a credo of honesty and integrity and promise to always do what is morally sound and ethically responsible. That means speaking out and taking a stand against anything that uses, abuses, and exploits our planet's natural resources. The fashion industry is responsible for a significant amount of the world's environmental destruction, and we are committed to do something about it."

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Awareness & Advocacy

"Knowledge is the key catalyst of restorative fashion development, and our sustainability focus is to raise awareness at the level highest level to influence and empower individuals to be sustainably sustainable. For the movement to gain momentum, every person must acknowledge that we have but one planet, and empathize with all the suffering we’ve caused from our ignorance and superficial benefit. To undo the wrong that has been done, we will have to band together and have difficult, yet necessary conversations."


Responsibility & Purpose

"Ethical, and environmentally-sound strategies where everyone wins, are the only solutions we are interested in. Our council analyzes, measures, and innovates so that businesses and brands can advance this critical global agenda, while instructing those that fall short on how to improve. Our council’s very existence is to bring together those that share a collective vision for a healthier planet and a sustainable future."


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