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Fabriclore aims to convert the majority of their merchandise to sustainable made fabrics. Fabrics made by natural fibers is their new pursuit. Furthermore, their packaging is made of 100% bio-degradable vegetable starch, leaving no impact on the planet.

Gaia Conceptions

Gaia Conceptions’ goal is to offer customizable organic clothing rooted in sustainability and great design. They aim to make their products in a sustainable way as well as running their business in a sustainable way.


All the production steps of the Lebenskleidung fabrics are carried out according to the highest environmental and social standards. Most of their fabrics are made of 100% GOTS-certified cotton.

Fab Scrap

Fab Scrap is a charitable organization using materials that traditionally go to landfill, which they properly recycle and make it available for reuse. Fab Scrap uses reclaimed and deadstock fabrics.

Merchant & Mills

Merchant and Mills is about “Slow Fashion”. They use quality-focused sewing supplies and some sustainable fabrics.


Lillestoff produces and prints textiles, in Germany, in a sustainable and equitable way. All their fabrics are GOTS certified.

Bulk Hemp Warehouse

Bulk Hemp is a supplier of hemp ropes, twines, fabrics, fibers other hemp seed and fiber raw materials. They believe that Hemp is Mother Earth’s most essential and beneficial agricultural crop.


Foursource’s mission is about making apparel sourcing faster, safer, and less costly. They provide solutions that enable all market players to substantially speed-up their cycle time and to leverage their value proposition to their customers.

Fil & Tik

Fil & Tik requires the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for all of their textiles. This label is about sustainable and ethical fabrics. For Fil & Tik, each intermediary, manufacturer or processor, is audited every year by the label.

Mood Sewciety

Mood Sewciety’s each fabric is chosen for its impeccable quality and runway worthy characteristics. Each piece is hand-picked to ensure that the fabric meets their standards.

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse is a social business that brings together a huge range of eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile creations. All of the products sold on Offset Warehouse either benefit the people who make them, the people who handle them or the planet.

Organic Cotton Plus

Organic Cotton Plus uses 100% organic fabric, knits, ecodyed fabrics and much more. They became the first fabric retailer in the U.S. to be fully GOTS-certified.


Rawganique is a small-scale manufacturer of chemical-free pure organic clothing, footwear, bed, bath, and home products. Rawganique works with unsubsidized raw organic materials and sweatshop-free friendly family work environment.

Regal Fabrics

Regal Fabrics’ fabrics are sourced by experienced specialist buyers, who meticulously choose only the best collections for the merchandise, assuring of the quality of their fabrics.

Sew Banana

Sew Banana pays great attention to the environment. The company decided not to use any plastics or other harmful materials in their packaging since its inception. In addition, their logo on the shipping boxes is being stamped by hand to avoid any harmful or toxic chemicals.


Siebenblau is a retailer offering sustainably produced fabrics to consumer customers. They offer a large assortment of eco-friendly and socially produced fabrics. Siebenblau’s fabrics are made of organic and fair-trade cotton, organic linen, hemp, and organic wool.


Simplifi is an eco/organic fabric supplier created in 2012. They propose us one of the largest collection of natural organic textiles online. They bring the best organic textiles and supplies from all around the world.


All their activities are conducted by high ethical and moral standards. Sirus Clothes is a brand specialized in the production of t-shirts, polos, shirts, dresses, sweatshirts and everything in between. Their products meet the environmental requirements and manufactured in a good working environment.

Truecolours Textiles

Truecolours Textiles is a shop specialized in certified organic fabrics. They offer us a large choice of eco-friendly and socially produced fabrics. Their fabrics are made of organic and/or fair trade cotton, organic silk and much more.

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