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"The Council of Sustainable Fashion"

The Middle East Fashion Council

A Collective Vision for a Healthier Planet & Sustainable Future

THe board

Simon J Lo Gatto

Founder & CEO

Simon Rubel Lo Gatto

Faris Saeed

CEO of Diamond Developers & The Sustainable City

Payal Kshatriya Cerri

CSO & Co Founder. Creative Director of Middle East Fashion Week

Simon Lo Gatto

Nayla Al Khaja

The UAE’s First Female Director & Producer

Advisors - Ambassadors

Sandra Hanns

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International Founder

Kelly Drennan

Founder of NGO Fashion Takes Action

Manuel Collas de La Roche

Founder of Better World Fund

Ben Mccabe

Founder & CEO of McCabe + Partners

Our Council's Board Members, Trustees, and Brand Ambassadors are committed to upholding their roles with the utmost integrity. We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging sustainable practices in fashion, art, cinema, culture, business, and entertainment.

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